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The Nerves are Kicking In

Tomorrow I start. I am nervious and excited, but mostly nervous. I have repacked my pack for the 200th time trying to ensure I haven't forgotten anything. Unpacked and repacked the food thinking I am taking too much, then too little!

The weather forecast isn't doing me any favours - rain for tomorrow, Friday and Saturday. Luckily I like walking in the rain and the wind is a northerly so the tail wind should help. Not so sure I will quite so enjoy walking in the rain by day three.

Dave and I have travelled north from Auckland looking at the sights. Northland is absolutely beautiful, and if we didn't live in and love Nelson, it would be a place I would want to live. Passed through Ahipara which is the end of 90 Mile Beach and looked back to Cape Reinga. Only created myself some mild heart palpitations, and I'm just grateful it is at least flat.

I will try to get some sleep, before the final 2 hour drive to Cape Reinga and may the adventure begin.

Looking to Cape Reinga from Ahipara

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