• Kay

OMG! Only 11 days to go!

Way back when, my start date seemed like such a long way away. At the 6 month stage I was still thinking I had so much time to get organised, train, and plan. The last couple of months however have raced by and now it is just around the corner.

Only a few minor panics - the tent I had ordered from the US months ago, I have just discovered has no pegs. I contacted the company only to be told I have to order pegs seperately. Seriously! What knid of tent doesn't come with pegs?! (Answer: Stupidly expensive ones). My fitness training plan became just that - a plan - no particular action.I guess getting fit on the trail is the new plan.

So I'm feeling a little nervous, but very excited. One more week of work and then starting to make my way north.

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