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Days 6, 7 & 8 Recovery in Kaitaia

My feet are basically recovered. Still looking blotchy, but the swelling and lumps are mostly gone, as is the pain. I did a test walk yesterday to get my resupplies and new socks (in case the cause of the issue was an allergy to the socks), and the stinging started again (or it might have been just in my head). So that confirmed the decision to take one more day of recovery.

Getting a little (a lot) bored now, but at least I have had time to plan the next section and read up on exactly how horrendously muddy and difficult the Raetea Forest track is. This section includes Raetea Forest, Omahuta Forest, Puketi Forest, Kerikeri and finishing in Paihia where I will take a zero day. Six days in total. Despite the reputation of Raetea Forest I am looking forward to being in NZ native bush. It is my happy place.

Thanks Gilbert (Robertson) for the recommendation to use chaffing cream on my feet for the muddy parts to keep the worst of the moisture off them. I will let you know how that goes.

There are no new photos so here are some from the trip on the way to Cape Reinga.

Largest known living Kauri tree, Tāne Mahuta

Sunrise in the fog over Paihia

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