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Days 134 to 136 Rain and snow

21, 22, 23 February

Arthur's Pass

It was the right decision to exit the track and wait out the rain. I managed to get a room at the Bealey Hotel where I had a booking for waiting for my sister. It rained most of the day on Friday, cleared initially, then rained more yesterday, and last night it snowed on the mountains around us!

Sunrise this morning (Sunday) from our room window

Dave surprised me by arriving yesterday which was absolutely lovely and also meant we could drive around and see the flooded rivers. He also brought my computer which has meant I have been able to do the blog and photos.

View from my room on Friday
View from my room on Saturday morning. It rained again later in the day

Today dawned a clear and stunning day so we went to see the Devil's Punchbowl Waterfall. It is pretty amazing. Would have loved to walk Avalanche Peak, especially with the snow , but Dave only brought Jean's. May have been a deliberate ploy.

Devil's Punchbowl Waterfall

I meet up with Denise tomorrow morning and we will do the Deception River track together. That's two of us doing the multi river crossings which is always safer. When I spoke to the DOC wardens they had said the rivers were already at 'high normal' from last weeks rain, so this rain will mean they are higher than the average. After my experience with the Taramakau River crossing I am pleased to have Denise with me. I have planned for us to take it really easy, with the middle day being only four hours. That will give us loads of time to simply enjoy and take our time with the crossings. Because of the extra rest days here and in Hanmer, and also logistics I will not be updating the blog for about 2 weeks when I get to Tekapo, or if I do, there will be no photos. However I'm not expecting phone reception for a long while.

Beautiful beech forest track to waterfall

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