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Days 106 - 110 Rest and Recovery

Visits to the chiropractor and a podiatrist, ice packs, ibuprofen and rest. My left foot still hurts. There are two separate pains. The one under the foot pad of the second toe and now the front ball of the foot sends sharp pains up my leg. Apparently an overuse issue called Metatarsalgia, easily cured by rest. Ha!

Cicada casing. They are in full noise mode at Cable Bay at the moment.

The podiatrist has created me an orthotic to try to relieve the pressure on that point while walking. It is the road walking the remains the worst antagonist. Thankfully the South Island has much less of this.

It has been lovely having the time with Dave and Chontelle, and the longer I stay at home the harder it is getting to motivate myself to get back on trail.

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