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Day 95 Beaten by the weather

Monday 13 January Levin No kms I'm still here in Levin. The weather didn't play the game. Last night I thought a good plan could be to start the trail this morning, even if it is raining, on the basis I will dry out when it clears in the afternoon. Things conspired against me. Firstly I failed to wake up until after 9am. Most unlike me. Must have needed to catch up on the sleep lost when Kiwi watching. I couldn't hear any rain, and hadn't been woken in the night by it so thought it had missed me altogether. Opening the curtains told a different story. It was raining steadily. I checked the forecast yet again and it didn't look promising. Then the heavens really opened and it started pouring. I booked in for another night. When the rain started easing about 11am I started to question my decision. At midday the rain started again in earnest which is sort of a relief. So I'm now okay with my decision and taking the time to rest, up date the blog writing and go through some of the thousands of photos to delete some. Another day really is neither here nor there, and I want to be able to see the views. My feet will also appreciate a full day of rest.

A weka from yesterday

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Hi! I'm Kay Chapman, a first time long distance trail hiker, first time blogger, keen tramper, business owner , mother of 20 year old Chontelle, wife of Dave and pretend boss  of Lottie our West Highland Terrier. (Lottie knows she is really the boss of us all). 


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