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Day 92 Wellington Nearly done

Thursday 9 January Orharu Valley Road to Wellington Central Start 6.10am Finish 2.20pm Distance 23km Total 1,682km Elevation: approx 550m Weather: sunny with some cloud cover, and winding in the high ridges I am grateful for two things today. Firstly, that I did 9.5km yesterday, and secondly that I didn't look at the elevation map before setting off today. By the end of today my feet were really sore, despite stopping at two cafes for sustenance and rest. The trail into the central city was surprising in terms of the amount of off road trail there was. Who knew Wellington was so full of bush walks? I did know it was full of hills but that fact had somehow slipped my mind.

Wellington city from a distance
Wellington city much closer

The start of the day was an early one as I was camping where I probably shouldn't be, so I wanted to be up and off before anyone came along to tell me. After some initial road walking, it was into the hills which were mostly farmland. The advantage of this is the views of Wellington below are interrupted. It didn't take too long to enter the first suburb, which isn't all bad because they inevitably have cafes. Mid morning was my first stop at one which I justified on the basis I had been walking since just after 6am. Then it was through some bush trails in more suburban areas and up and over a largish hill above the port. Again this was bush and pine covered. Down through some streets and then into the Wellington Botanical Gardens. They are beautiful. Made more so by the fact there is a cafe, which was ideal for a late lunch break. I then did actually take time to smell the real Rose's in the garden before the last couple of km for the day. I went through a cemetery, then past the Beehive, before coming off the trail to catch a train.

I'm now at Paraparaumu Beach in a very lovely B&B, and I can see Kapiti Island from my window. I am trying not to get too excited.

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