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Day 90 Sharing the Trail

Tuesday 7 January

Paekākāriki to Pukerua Bay

Start 12 noon

Finish 3.30pm

Distance 10km (plus 2.4km to and from train station)

Total 1,636km (official trail)

Elevation: Approx 300m

Weather: Sunny with a cool breeze, and occasionally windy

This really is the best section of the Kapiti Coast. Stunning elevated views out to sea which was a beautiful emerald colour (although it looks blue in the photos. Without a doubt it was particularly special because Chontelle was walking with me.

Chontelle on the suspension bridge

The weather was also ideal - sunning with a cooling breeze, and only a bit on the windy side on a couple of occasions. The track took us up the steep embankment above SH1 and the railway line. It is not somewhere to go if you have any fear of heights and I wouldn't relish being up there in strong winds. If you fell off the track it is a long and steep drop off the side.

There are two suspension bridges across the gullies. Ordinarily I'm perfectly fine with swing bridges and have been already on much higher and longer ones, but these felt as if they had far more movement in them. On the slight side of freaky for me and at one point when a gust of wind caught me on the first one, I involuntarily crouched slightly.

The steep escarpment
Looking back to Paekākāriki

We have arrived back at the hotel and had plans for going out this evening, however Chontelle has a sore throat and runny nose, and has fallen asleep. Here's hoping she is feeling better tomorrow. Luckily we don't have any major walking planned for tomorrow.

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