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Day 88 An exciting plan is hatched

Sunday 5 January Rest day Paekākāriki I have new plan for the next few days. A very exciting one - for me anyway. My daughter wants to walk some of the trail with me when she is here Tuesday and Wednesday. I want it to be a part that is stunning for her. The section between Paekākāriki and Pukerua Bay fits the bill with great views of the coast and two amazing suspension bridges. So I am skipping that bit tomorrow and will come back to it with Chontelle.

The Kapiti Coast towards Wellington. Taken yesterday as today it is a stormy sky
The stormy sky

I have also booked the overnight tour on Kapiti Island for Friday, the first available date. I'm excited beyond belief. I decided the delay to the trail is of no particular significance and the weather will be whatever it will be. I'm not in any hurry. It has been a relaxing rest day, with a wander down the beach (it is a stormy overcast day) taking photos and practicing taking videos on my camera, something I haven't done before, but want to know how to do for the kiwi as it will be too dark to take photos. Here's hoping I actually see kiwi otherwise I may actually stamp my feet and cry.

Back to the trail tomorrow for a short walking day, then a train ride to central Wellington to meet Chontelle off the plane early Tuesday morning.

I didn't see any penguins
I did see lots of seagulls

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