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Day 84 Happy New Year

Wednesday 1 January 2020 Palmerston North to side of the Back Track Start 10am Finish 7.20pm Distance 24km Total 1,494 Steps 33,721 Elevation approx 400m Weather: mostly overcast and cool A new year and a new decade. Unfortunately I have carried over last year's exhaustion into this year. It's funny how it seems just like yesterday that I was so tired! I lazed in bed a while this morning. I was woken at midnight with fireworks going off but otherwise had a reasonable sleep. I then set about sorting my food for the next 6 days, and shed a fair amount of the excess. That said, it it still bloody heavy. I checked out on the dot of 10am, and started what I thought would be a 30km day. What I hadn't factored in was the late start, an oldish and very tired body, track rather than road, and a few hills.

Today has been the first day I have not made my intended destination. I ran out of light and energy, and reflecting on it, I was being unrealistic anyway. Further to that, when I was reevaluating about mid afternoon, I realised my plan for tomorrow was more unrealistic than today as I had not read the trail notes properly. So I could never have completed to originally planned 34km in one day over a regular NZ tramping track, through a few streams and up and down a number of largish hills.

Hazy sun from the Australian fires

As such I have added a day to my schedule but also thinking that unless the weather forecast is brilliant for the main Tararua Range section, I will come out at Levin, do the bit from Waikanae to Wellington, then come back and do the Tararua ranges. That way it also will tie in with Chontelle coming to Wellington next week. The forecast when I left yesterday was not promising with some rain and gales coming. I really want the views so am liking my new plan. Back to was slow (I was slow), but I took loads of breaks and the few times the sun poked its head through the clouds I just sat down and enjoyed it. There was some drizzle as well but not enough to put on my coat. The trail was a mixture of road, formed path, good track and rubbish track. I love my campsite...all the necessary elements. It is flat, I have a lovely view of a valley, I can hear a stream below and a morepork in the trees, and most importantly there is no one else but me. I have not seen anyone else for days now.

Campsite night 84

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