• Kay

Day 82 All alone

Monday 30 December

Santoft Forest to Mt Lee's Reserve

Start 7.25am

Finish 4pm

Distance 26km

Total 1,435km

Steps 43,772

Elevation: bugger all

Weather: drizzling, then just overcast with the odd patch of sun

Where have all the trampers gone?! Okay I didn't really expect to see anyone yesterday because I was camping randomly in the forest and had crossed the river at a less than ideal time. However tonight I am at a designated, lovely campsite with facilities and it is koha based. So I expected there would be others. But no, nada, no-one.

I'm staying at a reserve between Bulls and Fielding. There are a couple of caravans with people but otherwise deserted. Strange for this time of year I would have thought. I'm not complaining. It is wonderfully peaceful. Today was pretty blah. I had a reasonably good night sleep but my right shoulder and neck have been bugging me for about 3 days now, and last night and today it really hurts. If it isn't one sore thing it is another. Miraculously the toe on my left foot is so much better. Thank you, thank you, thank you Peter Hillier (Chiropractor in Nelson). Peter treated me when I was home for Christmas. I have been seeing him for a number of years now. He came in specially on his days off over Christmas to treat me. I think that gives you Trail Angel status Peter.

A strange looking duck

I woke up before 6am but it was drizzling and rather than pack up my tent in the rain, I stayed snug in my sleeping bag for a while longer. As usual needing to get up for the loo eventually forcing me out of my bed, rain or no rain.

The first part of today was the 18km to Bulls. I made fast progress as all but about the first two km was road walking. I stopped at the first cafe and ordered a Big Breakfast and large glass of milk. After scoffing a ton of bacon, sausages, 2 eggs, fried bread, garlic mushrooms and a hash brown I regained the energy to waddle a little further. An aspect of this walk I love is that I can eat whatever I like and not feel any guilt or try to restrict my intake.

Out of Bulls for a further 8km to the Reserve I'm camping. Half way here I took a break on the side of the road. Although not much fun watching cars go by, because I was partly hidden in the grass I did have close encounters with a large hare, pukeko and a harrier hawk. There is nature everywhere if you sit still for long enough. Now tucked up in my tent ready to try for that elusive sleep. It has just started to rain. Fingers crossed for some sleep.

Campsite night 82

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