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Day 80 Back to where I left off

Saturday 28 December Whanganui to Fordell Start 4pm Finish 6.45pm Distance 12km Finish 1,374km Elevation: a number of flights of steps in Whanganui then pretty much flat Weather: Sunny I traveled back to Whanganui today leaving home at 6.20am for the airport. It was then a bus ride from Wellington to arrive in Whanganui just after 3.30pm. A quick visit to the supermarket and then what I thought would be a relatively easy 12km walk to Fordell. I guess the 5 days on the river followed by another week at home for Christmas eating copious amounts of Pavlova meant my body had lost a little condition. This was supposed to be a gentle reintroduction to the trail, and yet my body aches everywhere. Even really sore shoulders which is new.

Whanganui River

Also adding to the challenge of the afternoon walk was the volume of traffic. Unfortunately there had been a fatal accident on the main road into Whanganui, which was closed as a result. I know there is no good time for a fatal car crash, but Christmas time is particularly bad. The traffic was all diverted to the back road I was on. With minimal road shoulder it meant I frequently had to step off into the ditch and let the traffic go by. I was being ultra cautious not to be another road statistic.

I arrived at the B&B I had booked, which was in a lovely restored homestead, and after a shower I fell into bed. Here's hoping tomorrow the body feels better.

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