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Day 73

Saturday 21 December

Fly Fox Campsite to Whanganui

Distance 53km paddling and 7km walking

Total 1,362km

Weather: Cloudy with some sunny patches

Overnight there was an earthquake and more rain. I didn't think there was that much rain, but the river had risen again. The pole we had tied our canoes to was underwater.

So we headed off, moving swiftly on the swollen river, determined to reach Whanganui. In reality it was now essential we did as I had changed my flights and the bus booking to leave tomorrow.

1300km done

Morning mist

The only change to today was Matt changing places with me in the canoe and I took the kayak for the last 10km. His arms were completely done in which isn't surprising as he had kayaked the whole way down the river.

We finished with a photo of the crew in a playground boat (it seemed fitting), before I completed the 7km walk into Whanganui.

Baxter photo bombing

The River Crew

Once in my accommodation I hand washed the clothes I am wearing tomorrow. Didn't fancy being in close proximity, in an enclosed space with others, in the state my clothes were in. Some may have found me a tad offensive.

For dinner I had a great big steak, and bought myself a litre of milk to drink. These are the two things I crave the most.

I am looking forward to getting home for Christmas.

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