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Day 72 Raining again

Friday 20 December Pipiriki to Flying Fox Campsite Start 9.30am Finish 12.30pm approx Distance 30km Total 1,302km All paddling Weather: rain, torrential rain, then sunny.

I don't think I have ever been outside in rain that was as torrential as it was this morning. Couldn't really see very far in front, the rain drops were simply bouncing off the water, and where your skin was open to the elements it hurt.

That is what memories are made of. It made me laugh and delight in being alive. The river level had dropped from yesterday and the new rain created all manner of new muddy waterfalls, but it wasn't for long enough to change the water level markedly.

By the morning, the post the canoes are tied to was under water

We had a short day today, again assisted by the high river, so we were finished by lunch time which was just as well because despite rain coats we were all soaked and cold.

Other than the constant rain, the paddling was uneventful and no-one fell out. Managed to get caught in a couple of very strong eddies that spun us around for a bit for their amusement, but otherwise plain sailing. The arms have held up well with only one shoulder muscle complaining. Once again the rain cleared once we were off the river. What is with that!

Our campsite is the Flying Fox, and as the name suggests they have one spanning the river for guests who arrive by road, which is on the other side. Our host kindly gave us a ride which was brilliant for photos of the river from a different angle.

I have kept up my princess status and have myself a gypsy caravan to stay in. A proper bed with sheets, and my very own outside shower. Pure bliss. Achieved the 1,300km mark today. I will try to remember to take a photo first thing as didn't today.

The crew have decided to make tomorrow a big day and go all the way to Whanganui. The original plan was for two days. Everyone is keen to get home for Christmas (we are all Kiwis plus one Aussie who is going home for Xmas as well). So I have changed my flights and get home Sunday evening. I can't wait. Going to sleep with the soothing sound of the river below me.

The campsite cat

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