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Day 71 On the River

Thursday 19 December John Coull Hut to Pipiriki on Whanganui River Start 9am Finish 4pm Distance 41km paddling Total 1,272km All paddling Weather overcast with some sunny patches

We finally got the all clear and by the time we had secured our gear, we left at 9am. The river had dropped about a metre, but still significantly flooded. However there were no longer logs whizzing by, just smaller branches.

The raised river meant we made excellent time and most of the rapids were non events. However there were dozens of eddies, some of significant size. Dave and Baxter were nearly capsized by one that sprung up in front of them, but miraculously they somehow stayed upright. Those two have nine lives on this river. Karen and I didn't have any near misses and this has been great for her confidence. She had decided to walk from Pipiriki and I was going to double up with Matt, but she is now continuing on with us.

The scenery was spectacular. High cliffs on either side covered in lush ferns and greenery with numerous waterfalls. All in all a great day.

The couple from the Netherlands bike from here so our crew is now five of us.

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