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Day 68 Easy day

Monday 16 December Kaitieke to Whakakoro Start 6.15am Finish 12.30pm Distance 25km (plus 3km)

Steps 43,852 Total 1,203km Weather overcast, showers then heavy rain

I can't believe I'm about to say this - today was any easy day of 'only' 25km road walking. So easy that we arrived at our destination by 12.30pm. After an afternoon of resting in the DOC Hut, I was bored and went for a walk of about 3km to take some photos. An actual walk that wasn't part of the TA. Who would have thought I would add extra kms that weren't part of involuntarily becoming temporarily geographically embarrassed.


Karen and I set off together this morning, both being early risers. Dave and Baxter are late starters. We had great discussions covering a range of subjects and agreed that between us we could put the world to rights. Amongst our pet peeves are those who do the TA without paying the $700 'donation ' or the DOC hut fees , and to add insult to injury they complain about the track. I read an article that only about 20% pay the donation.

As soon as we arrived at Whakahoro and sat down in the cafe it started pouring with rain. Our timing was impeccable. That fact this place has a cafe may give the impression we are in civilization. That is far from the truth. Whakahoro is our launch site for the Whanganui River, and as far as I can tell river users and people on the cycle trail are the only people who would ever come here. It is the end of a dead end road.

It has been raining off and on since our arrival and the forecast for tomorrow is rain all day, at times with heavy falls. We have to phone the canoe company in the morning to see if we have to wait it out another day before starting the river. I hope not.

1200km mark. Note the new hat. The previous one blew off and down the Red Crater.

Not the accommodation for the night

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