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Day 60 Beating the Storm

Sunday 7 December

End of Timber Trail start to Taumarunui

Start 6.20am

Finish 12.45pm

Distance 25km

Total 1032km

Steps 40,395

Weather: Overcast and showers

The thunder and lightening overnight was extreme. It was the flash of the lightening that actually woke me, and it was very closely followed by incredibly loud thunder that rolled on and on. I was very pleased to be inside the shed and not in my tent.

After an appalling nights sleep, Kate and I were both ready to leave by 6.20am. My body was tired, and my feet started tired and sore. That said I covered the first 12km quickly, averaging 5km an hour. Then I hit the wall. Kate carried on as I slowed considerably, also feeling nauseous.

I was grateful that the rain mostly held off, with only light showers that didn’t warrant putting on the raincoat. The trail was on a quiet road with minimal traffic, however almost all the vehicles that passed me, did offer me a lift. I have never been more tempted. I once again took many breaks, and finally arrived at Taumarunui. First stop was a café. Unbelievably in the café was Kathy and Peter. After a burger and chips, and a catch up on our trail experiences I found accommodation at the motel I had previously booked for the following two nights (but I was a day early). The motel kindly said I could check in straight away even though it was well before 2pm. It was about a 2 minute walk from where I was.

Am now sitting on the bed, listening to the torrential rain and thunder, being grateful for pushing through to get here a day early. Dinner was a healthy serving of McDonalds including the hot caramel ice cream sundae that has not one iota of dairy in it. I intend to take the gained day as a rest day, and tomorrow I will plan for the next section which includes kayaking the Whanganui River and traversing the Tongiriro National Park. I am really looking forward to those sections.

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