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Day 59 Marathon Day (an actual marathon - almost)

Saturday 7 December Epic campsite to end of Timber Trail

Start 7am

Finish Approx 8pm. So tired I forgot to check. Distance 42km Total 1006km Steps 64,433

Elevation: Approx 200m, but mostly a gentle descent Weather: Some sun, small period of showers, and mostly overcast.

I am completely spent, exhausted, done in, shattered. In our effort to beat the rain today we did 42km . That's almost a marathon. My feet are still throbbing so much and it is nearly 2 hours since I got here.

It was a fantastic trail again. More huge swing bridges over massive gullies, deep cuts into the rocks where the train tracks used to go, now covered in moss and ferns.

Yet another incredible swingbridge

And I achieved the 1000km mark!!!! One third of the way there. Today is the 7th, and I started on 10th October so nearly 2 months to get this far.

The 1000km mark. I was so tired at this point I'm surprised I managed to pretend to smile.

Kate and I started at just after 7am this morning after the most amazing sleep. Probably the best I have had so far.

I was feeling very sluggish today. Now doubt due to the two previous days of huge km, but also due to the annoying fact I have shingles yet again. This time right where the hip belt of the pack sits. So this morning it was covered with cotton wool and tape. I haven't dared take it off this evening. I will leave that joy for when I reach Taumarunui tomorrow. The heavy rain is still forecast and I just hope my feet can carry me tomorrow. It is 'only' 26km but if it pouring rain and my wet weather gear isn't up to anything much, there will not be opportunities for rest breaks to massage my feet. I don't fancy the hypothermia that may come with that.

Mossy walls

Today I took many, many breaks. The first on at 10 km, the next after another 8km, then after ever diminishing distances. The last 4km seemed more like 10km. I will not be doing these distances back to back again. Way too hard on the old body.

Spiral track


I'm sleeping in a shed. Put here by the TA Trust. No bunks so I have laid my tent on the floor and sleeping gear on top of it. I didn't have the energy to put up my tent and with the forecast rain thought it was the better option. Just as I'm writing this the rain has started. Here's hoping it rains itself out over night.

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