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Day 57 Record Distance

Thursday 5 December Paddock to start of Timber Trail Start 6.30am Finish 4pm Distance 36.5km (that is not a typo) Total 927.5km Steps 55,251 Weather: mostly overcast, not too hot - in other words, perfect.

I knew today would be big and all road walking. I was not looking forward to it. Kate and I decided last night to set off early so we would hopefully reach our destination at a reasonable time.

Walking with Kate was the best decision. Excellent conversation which helped pass the km so much faster and Kate walks fast. Which meant I did. Much faster than my normal speed and for the first 24km or so we were averaging 5km an hour.

The weather was perfect being mostly overcast with some sun when we stopped for lunch and hung our tents over a gate to dry. Superb timing.

We did the 900km mark today!! All a bit surreal. When we took our break at lunch and i was lying in the grass on the side of the road it seemed so strange to actually be there in that moment. Who would have thought I had arrived at this place I would otherwise have never gone, and I had walked over 900km to get there.

Lunch was at about the 23km mark, so we still had 13km to go. Kate set a cracking pace again. With 6km to our destination Roman caught us up. We worked out he must have been doing 6km an hour as he didn't leave last night's camp until 8.45am. That is some serious speed.

900km mark

On the way by Roman updated us on the others from the camp last night. Gabriel has called it quits and hitch hiked back to Te Kuiti. Jo and Morris hitchhiked to tonight's camp.

Kate and I opted for a shared cabin which has hot showers. We haven't seen the others so assume they are at the campground about half a km up the road.

Despite ending the day with very tired feet, I am thrilled with the distance achieved and the time we did it in. And the shower was so refreshing and I was even able to hand wash my clothes. About a third of the roads were unsealed with logging trucks going backwards and forwards so we were very, very dusty. What was great is the majority of the drivers slowed right down to pass us so as not to cover us in too much dust. Very considerate.

A tiring day but very satisfying. I am looking forward to tomorrow. Already heard and seen Kaka this evening. 

Lovely sunset

By the way - I passed the 900km mark today.

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