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Day 54 Rest Day at Maungatautari Sanctuary

I have tried to use 'speechnotes ' to make writing the blog a little faster. Unfortunately it isn't as effective as I hoped. This is what it was supposed to say "Today was a lovely rest day although not that restful. Karen picked me up from Waitomo and we headed for the Maungatautari Sanctuary. The sanctuary has one of the longest pest proof fences in the world at 47 km long." This is what 'speechnotes ' came up with on the first attempt. "Today was a lovely rest day or no not that restful. Karen pick me up from Waitomo and we headed for the sanctuary. The sanctuary has of things longest piss proof fence the world at so 11 metres long thank you has a sings longest"

Karen and I laughed for a long time about that piss proof fence. I am no longer going to use speech notes.

It was brilliant to see a Sanctuary which is much more established than our own Brook Waimarama Sanctuary, and envisage what ours will become. The bird life is extraordinary. They have Kiwi, Takahe and Kaka to name a few. It reminds me of why I'm raising funds on this walk for the Brook. If you haven't donated, please do so on the Give A Little page I have set up. It is such a worthy cause.

We saw a Kiwi burrow (unfortunately not in use), and a highlight was the 16m high viewing platform that takes you above the tree canopy to see the birds - well the ones that can fly.

In the evening Karen took me back to Waitomo. Thank you for such a lovely day Karen and for everything you have done for me in the last first days. Without a doubt you have made 'trail angel ' status.

The photo below is the kiwi burrow.

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