• Kay

Day 53 Orange mud

Sunday 1 December

Middle of nowhere to Waitomo

Start 5.55am (that is not a typo)

Finish 10am

Distance 12km

Total 856km

Elevation 300m ish

I was awake early (one of the outcomes of going to sleep at 8.30pm), so decided to get up to take photos of the sunrise. Minor issue was the dense fog. Set off early anyway with the view of getting to Waitomo extra early to partake in a big cooked breakfast.

The trail was a bit muddy which was hardly surprising in view of the rain. Really orange mud. I was so keen to get to Waitomo for food I only took one photo.

Only other point of interest was my early start meant I was passing people who were only just packing up their tents. Four people in total. All with their own unique pronunciation of Waitomo.

Got to have my 'Big Breakfast' which would be better described as a 'Medium Breakfast'. A bit disappointing. Maybe my hiker's hunger is finally kicking in.

Then did the glow worm cave tour and looked pleadingly at the campsite receptionist to let me check in early. It worked and the rest of the day has been spent doing laundry and drying out my gear.

Karen is picking me up in the morning and I am having a rest day.

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