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Day 5 To Kaitaia in Sandals

Start 10.15am

Finish 1.50pm

Distance 18km

Steps 26,002

Feeling :)

After much indecision I walked to Kaitaia. I taped up my feet completely, and put on my sandals. The weather forecast for the afternoon and tomorrow is heavy rain and wind so decided it was better to just get on with it. All road walking and half the distance I have done in each of the last three days so thought it shouldn't be too bad.

Not any photos of the road today so here is a shell from the beach

The wind was strong (and a combination of head wind and side wind), however once again I was really lucky and the heavy rain didn't start until I was on the outskirts of Kaitaia. Rain and sandals with taped feet doesn't really work and it all became very slippery, but the good news is the wet weather gear is waterproof. I arrived at the motel (I had already booked it before I started the TA) and picked up my bounce box which has my laptop, charging cables and a few luxuries. Went to the pharmacy and got antihistamines and steroid cream. Between the Pharmacist and Doctor Google I have hives (they on my back as well now), which may be connected to the bee sting. That actually is a relief because being allergic to socks would be a bit more difficult.

So sitting in the motel room listening to the rain outside and pleased I decided to get here today. Now it is time to rest up and let my feet repair. The next stage through Raetea Forest is notoriously difficult and muddy so I need my feet to be right even if that takes a few days.

The feet looking a little better

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