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Day 49 Pollyanna’s day off

Wednesday 27 November

Hamilton to Whatawhata

Start 1.30pm

Start 1.10pm

Finish 6pm

Distance 15km

Total 774km

Steps 27,520

Elevation: Not much, but it felt like a lot.

Life lesson. Never go back the next day to the place you ate the best ever burger. It just can't live up to your expectations and you only be disappointed. (Refer to yesterdays blog about the best burger ever!!)

This morning I picked up some of the things I needed, completed the blog and planned a few days ahead with Karen offering to pick me up and drop me off each day over the next few days. Rather than have a rest day, I decided to walk to Whatawhata which is 14km from where I left off in Hamilton. My thought was it was only a short distance, and although pretty much all road or pavement walking, it should be pretty easy going.

I put in a photo of cows because I am in the Waikato. This one was very mean looking.

I set off at just after 1pm, having been disappointed by my burger. It was hot. Damn hot. From the get go I was not enjoying myself. I get to Dinsdale, a few short kms away, and felt awful. I took a break and did some grocery shopping. I bought myself some electrolyte tablets, and had one hoping that would help. My normal Pollyanna attitude was nowhere to be seen. For those too youthful to know who Pollyanna is – google it. I really have no energy to explain it. Also in my malaise I failed to take any photos so these are from other days just to break up the moaning.

Pollyanna stayed away for the rest of the afternoon. I continued to not have fun, the only positive was knowing Karen would be at the end to pick me up, and having a chat to a guy called Barry who is doing the TA next year.

I was about 500m from the pick up point and Karen texted me. There was a patched gang member lurking in the bushes alongside the part of the road I was shortly going to be walking by and from Karen’s vantage point she didn’t think it was a good idea for me to pass by him. Karen drove to me and my day was done.

Karen was brilliant, cooking me dinner, and just looking after me. Thank you Karen.


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