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Day 43 and 44 On my way tomorrow

Thursday and Friday, 21 & 22 November

I had thought I would be walking today (Friday), but still with a hacking cough and blocked nose yesterday, I decided one more day of rest was in order.

I had another massage with Patsy, which was even better than than previous one. I also received in the post today a lovely gift from Chelle Davies of Riwaka. She creates her own natural healing balm from ingredients she grows, including calendula, marshmellow, kawa kawa, comfrey, lemon balm, whit sage, chamomile, lavender, liquorice, St John's wort, lady's mantle, coconut oil, olive oil and bees wax. Thank you Chelle.

It has been special to be able to spend the last five days with my Mum and Dad. I would have preferred not to have been sick, but I wouldn't have taken the time if I hadn't been sick. It is a lesson learnt - take the time to take the time.

Back on the trail tomorrow. I am being dropped off back at Ramarama Caravan Park this afternoon so I can have an early start tomorrow. I will cross over from the Auckland region into the Waikato.

These days rest have given me the chance to look at the trail ahead and I worked out today that I am likely to only reach Whanganui by Christmas. I had in my head I would be near Wellington. Even without the rest days that wouldn't have been possible. I will need to work out how to get to Nelson for Christmas and then back again to where I left off. A problem for another day.

Part of Mum and Dad's stunning garden

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