• Kay

Day 4 This Beach is Long

Start 8.50am

Finish 5.10pm

Distance 31km

Steps 48,219

Feeling: Sore

The morning started well. I had a good night sleep, woke up early, took a slow start to the day waiting for the high tide to pass, and had another awesome blueberry milkshake. A few of us left at the same time and spent the morning taking breaks together. I arrived at the half way point feeling great and decided to make it all the way to Ahipara. I could see it in the distance and that was enough to motivate me. It was much warmer today but not too hot. There were a lot more vehicles on the beach and people fishing and a few brave ones swimming.

Ahipara in the distance. The two distant figures are Robyn and Trevor

With about 7km to go my feet and ankles started stinging all over, and it progressively got worse. I didn't want to take my shoes off as I have been doing at each break to give them an airing, because I was concerned I wouldn't want to put them back on.

I took a photo at the 100km mark. The smile in the photo is forced - I was not feeling the joy!

Yay! First 100km completed.

Got to the Ahipara Campground and booked into a cabin with a bathroom as I didn't think my feet would actually work once I got my shoes off. The surprise in my socks are feet and ankles covered in welts. Ahipara has a dairy, petrol station, fish & chip shop and fire station so have to decide how and when I will get to Kaitaia to find a pharmacy.

That is a decision for tomorrow depending on how my feet are. If you don't want to see my feet don't scroll to the photo at the bottom :).

That is 90 Mile Beach completed. It has gone incredibly fast. Other than my feet all the other parts of my body feel fine. The pack I have hardly noticed. It fits really well and the weight is good. The have listened to one full audio book, a novel, which helped keep my mind occupied.

Strange fact of the day. The fitbit I wear thinks I climbed 25 flights of stairs today. Not bad for walking along the 31km at sea level.

My little cabin at Ahipara Campground

These have seen better days.

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