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Day 39 No Donuts

Sunday 17 November

Papakura to Ramarama

Start: 10am

Finish: 2.30pm

Distance 12.5km

Total 649.5km

Steps 23,809

Elevation: Approx 100m

Weather: Hot

AM. I didn't sleep after 4.30am. My throat is raging and my body is unwilling to move. I will do a short day today and re-evaluate tomorrow morning on my next step. I am very fortunate to be in the vicinity of my Mum and Dad. They live about an hour away in Paeroa.

Kate and I ducking trees (from a few days ago). Photo by Chris George

PM. All road walking and despite the minimal distance without hills I am totally spent. After the first 6km I reached Drury at 11.30am, and I had already had enough. The local Irish pub beckoned me, so an early lunch it was. Downed a pint of iced water to try and sooth my throat and I remained there for over an hour. When I had out stayed my welcome I continued on, taking breaks every 2km.

The sun was hot, although I think on any other day it might not have felt that bad. I had my audio book on and simply focused on one step in front of the other. There were no donut stops available so I had to do the afternoon un-medicated.

I arrived at Ramarama Caravan Park at 2.30pm to the cabin I had booked that morning. The weather forecast was for heavy rain overnight and the prospect of being in my tent was not one I relished, so the cabin it was. I lay down on the bed and immediately fell asleep for a couple of hours.

Mum and Dad contacted me and offered to pick me up and take home to rest a few days. Eternal optimism had returned after my Nana nap so I said I would call them in the morning if I needed collecting.

Another early night and here's hoping I am sufficiently recovered by the morning.

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