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Day 34 and 35 Rest days but still 14,000 steps

Tuesday 12 and Wednesday 13 November


These two days spent with Chontelle (Dave is working during the day), have been lovely. We have been shopping, eating, talking and having massages. Still managed to clock up 14,295 ( 9km) on Tuesday just from wandering around. Took the fitbit off on Wednesday to stop obsessing about it.

A wonderful time that has come to an end rather too soon and Chontelle has gone back to work in Blenheim. Back to the trail tomorrow. I will be slack packing tomorrow. That is the term used for walking without a pack. Dave will drop me off where I left off, and I will walk the trail through Auckland (the first day of it anyway - it takes about three days), and he will pick me up at the end of the day and take me back to the motel. I think I would call that a step above 'glamping'. Dave has work all day, so it is a good plan.

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