• Kay

Day 26 Big Day of 30km

Start 7.35am

Finish 5.50pm

Distance 30km

Steps 49,079

Floors 227

Weather: Very hot

I knew today would be a big one. It has been 30km over hills, roads, cliffs and beaches. It was hard, hard work, and the new shoes have found new places to put blisters. That said they are so much better than the old shoes. My feet feel like they have space to spread. I am hopeful that once they are worn in my feet will do much better.

Mangawhai Heads Cliff

The day started with road walking then forestry roads up and over some hills. There was minimal shade as all the forest had been felled, so the going was pretty hot. I was appreciative of the bush tracks and the shade they provided, and took a number of breaks, including a long chat to a farmer.

I ran out of water about an hour from reaching my destination at Mangawhai Heads. There were alleged water sources on the trail, that were marked on the map. There was a pond covered in red weeds with a number of ducks on it. I wasn't keen to fill my water bottle from that even with a filter.

Drinking water point???????

I spent a good aprt of the day listening to an audio book. "Silent Patient" - a really good book with an very unexpected twist.

The views coming down into Mangawhai Heads were beautiful, and I was very pleased to get to my prebooked accommodation. My feet are so sore I can't even be bothered to get some food from the takeaways only 50m down the street. A rest day tomorrow thank goodness.

Looking back at where I have come from.

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