• Kay

Day 22 Racing the Tide

Cable Bay camp to Tidesong

Start 5.50am

Finish 4pm (including 4-5 hours of break in the middle)

Distance 16km

Steps 32,256

Flights 114

Weather: Lovely and sunny

There were two tidal estuaries to cross today which meant a very early start to catch at least the first before the nest low tide at 4pm. So it was up very early and ate breakfast on the go.

It was an easy enough 6km walk on gravel roads most of the way to the first estuary. Five of us arrived at the same time. Chris went in first. It was deeper than expected with the bottom of his pack touching the water. Not a good sign for me. I took of my shoes and socks, replaced them with my camp sandals hoping to have dry feet for the subsequent road walking to help the blisters.

Yvonne, Chris, Amin and Ralph

I went through, carrying my pack up on my shoulders. The water was nearly waist height but not fast moving at all. On getting to the other side I dried my feet and put on my shoes. Bad idea. Just around the corner the track went through very muddy mangroves. I was feeling less love for the mangroves when I got to the road. I had done my best to jump over and around the worst mud, but taking my shoes off for the estuary crossing was a bit of a waste of time.

Seven or so km of road walking to arrive at the next estuary. By now there was no way of going through that until the tide went out again. The others decided to take the extra 6km detour. I decided to take an easier day, wait for the tide and stay at a home stay on the estuary that had a wonderful reputation.


I made myself comfortable under a pohutakawa tree and settled in for a few hours. Had many chats with locals, was invited for coffee and eventually joined by another TAer from Taupo, Darryl. He had the same plan as me and we waited for the tide before making our way to Tidesong.

Tidesong is the home of Ros and Hugh. Inspiring people. A retired couple, about 6 years ago Ros donated one of her kidneys to Hugh. Ros then walked Te Araroa to raise money for the Kidney Foundation and two years ago she trekked to Everest Base Camp! Amazing woman.

Taking pictures of seaweed, waiting for the tide to go out.

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