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Day 21 I love undulating hills

Wednesday 30 October

Wharanaki to Ngunguru (Nikau Bay camp)

Start 6.35am

Finish 3.30pm

Distance 26km

Steps 46,942

Flights 305

Weather: Beautiful and sunny. Not too hot.

The scenery today is the best yet. I left early as we had to be at the destination by 3pm to catch a boat across the estuary to the camp for the night. I didn't know how my feet were going to hold up.

I am so glad I got up so early as I caught the sunrise over the footbridge and bays.

Wharanaki Footbridge - the longest in the Southern Hemisphere


The walking this morning was ideal. Fresh feet, stunning scenery and undulating hills. I love the word 'undulating'. Much better than the steep up and down of yesterday. I'm really not sure that the fitbit tells the truth at all. Yesterday I could have sworn there were far greater heights climbed but it only said 93 flights versus today's 305! I say 'only' with a laugh.

By about midday my feet were throbbing again. I can't wait for them to be used to this torture. Another blister, but at this stage it is small. This afternoon was through stunning Nikau forest, which was again undulating. I'm running out of superlatives to describe what I see.

The trail took us right past Tane Moana, the second largest Kauri. The size just takes your breath away.

Tane Moana

Arriving at Ngunguru it was a lift in a tiny tinny boat across the river estuary to the campsite. I am in a bunk room with others tonight. Not my idea of ideal sleeping arrangements, but the call of a mattress and pillow is too strong. I did check if anyone snored, and the one snorer is sleeping by himself in the other bunkroom.

Nikau Bay campground communal area

Nikau Bay Campground bunkroom

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