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Day 20 Southern Hemisphere's longest Footbridge

Tuesday 29 October

Start 7.50am

Finish 5.35pm

Total time 8 hours, 45 minutes

Distance 24km

Steps 40,982

Flights 93

Weather: Drizzle and rain all day

A seriously knackering day. I don't believe the number of flights on the fitbit are correct. There were far more steep hills, the highest point about 260m, before going down then back up again to 220m. Plus a few ups and downs in between.

Dead Kauri next to a healthy one

Sorry to complain about my feet yet again. They really ache. One day they will get used to it - hopefully soon. I have more new blisters. Not many places left on my feet for blisters. One more each on both heals and both little toes are suffering. I try taping them each day as a prevention, covering them in anti chaffing cream, and still the blisters come.

I find it better to not take breaks. Getting started again after a break takes a while as the blisters make their presence known, and really hurt for about 10 minutes before settling to a less intense irritation/pain.

Again beautiful bush and coastal inlets, although shrouded in mist and rain all day. Saw an example of Kauri Dieback, with a dead Kauri right next to a live one. So incredibly sad that such majestic and ancient trees are dying. I am incredibly careful as I enter and leave Kauri forests to clean my shoes thoroughly.

Morpork track looking out to the Pacific Ocean

The group that camped at Barry's walk much faster than me. I also stop often to take photos (well that how I justify my slowness to myself). I simply start earlier and arrive later than everyone else.

Just liked the red shed

Today I reached the 300km mark. Hard to believe I have already done that distance.

Today's destination was Wharanaki, home of the longest footbridge in the Southern Hemisphere. It is pretty damn amazing.

300km done!

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