• Kay

Day 2 Camping in the Dunes

Start 8.10am

Finish 3.53pm

Distance 29.5km

Steps 45,727

Feeling :)

Sunset on 90 Mile Beach

A pretty amazing day that went so incredibly quickly. So fast in fact that I missed the turn for the designated campsite. I was in the zone and expecting to be walking for at least another hour when I took a break at about 3.15pm. Little did I realise the camping area was five minutes away, so when I got going again I put my headphones in, my mind into auto and just kept walking. I realised my mistake when I checked my app which shows me where I am. There was no way I was walking back so set up camp in the sand dunes. I have just managed to prove you can get lost on 90 Mile Beach!!!

Ninety Mile Beach isn't as featureless or straight as I imagined. There are a number of small streams to cross. I got one foot wet trying to jump a stream - forgot I had a few kgs on my back. Matapia Island which is basically a large rock with a hole in it is a lovely focal point to give encouragement that you are actually making progress.

Matapia Island

My feet are a bit sore today, with one small blister starting. I put tape on it as soon as I felt it.

I did Bear Grylles proud this evening while fulfilling one of my dreams - I collected pipi and had them for dinner with the garlic butter I carried specifically for this moment, while watching the sunset. I love my little campsite, and just hoping the tent stays upright with the pegs in sand. It lasted well last night and I stayed dry through the rain. More of the same tomorrow.

Sunset looking along 90 Mile Beach

First view of 90 Mile Beach

Tent site for night 2

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