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Day 184 The End

11 April 2021

Just south of Invercargill to Bluff Stirling Point

Start 9.10am

Finish 4.35pm

Distance 32km

Total 3000km!

Steps 44111

That's it. Done. Completed. No more steps to do. 3000km walked.

I really don't know what to say or how I feel - relieved, happy, sad.

The extent of what I have achieved only really started to sink in when I was sent a map of New Zealand with my tracker 'pings' spreading the length of the country.

The weather was primarily overcast today however the sun actually started shinning just as I arrived at Stirling Point. Dave had a bottle of champagne and flowers waiting for me.

I started this journey walking along a long beach beach, followed by an incredibly muddy forest, and the end was a very muddy forest followed by a not quote so long beach. Poetic. 90 mile beach was the start of many, many blisters, particularly memorable were the blisters on blisters on my little toe. Today, despite not having had any blisters since restarting, I developed a huge and painful blister on my little toe. Spooky!

An incredible journey where I have seen the most staggering scenery and experienced wonderful kindness from strangers. I am so very pleased I did this. Well worth every single step.

Stirling Point, Bluff
On Bluff Peninsula. It was very windy.

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