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Day 182 An Absolute Stunner

9 April 2021

Colac Bay to Aparima (Riverton)

Start 6.45am

Finish 11.45am

Distance 13km

Total 2931km

Ascent 279m

Descent 258m

Although today’s 13km took 5 hours this wasn’t in any way due to the terrain. It was all due to the multiple stops for photos, the long breaks sitting on the beaches watching the waves and the sauntering pace I was walking at. The weather was beautiful and all in all I had a perfect day.

The early start to catch the sunrise was assisted by the novelty of a lightbulb and no room mates to disturb. Skipping breakfast (I had fudge for that a little later), I was ready with camera in hand with time to spare. It was well worth the effort and I soaked up the wonderful sunrise bringing a beautiful orange glow over the sea.

Despite my attempt to take my time, I reached the end of the beach within a couple of hours so sat on a log and watched the waves crashing into the rocks. Further on I sat on top of rocks, thinking I was well above the waves. When I was watching the other direction, one drenched me from behind. A bit of a squeal escaped my lips as the cold water hit, then my next reaction was to protect the camera. It appears to have survived.

There was a genuinely small hill to climbed, some paths through Mores Reserve and then I was in Riverton. The campground let me check in early. After a shower I strolled into the town past the harbour and river. It is a very pretty town and I had a delicious lunch in a local café. A delightful day.

Today it real struck me that this journey is very, very close to being at an end. I’m not sure how I feel about that.

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