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Day 18 Kayaking the Mangroves

Paihia to Waikere

Kayaking 3 hours

Walk 2 km

Start 3pm (had to wait for tide)

Finish 7.15pm

Weather: Beautiful and sunny all day

The kayak was well worth the wait. Other than the benefit of not being on my feet, it was beautiful. I love mangroves - the light and shadows cast, and all the critters that live in them.

Kayaking towards Waikare

There were 9 in the group, which meant one of us had to be in a single kayak. As the only one that had any experience I volunteered to go in the single. It was an easy paddle, going with the tide and a slight breeze behind us. Our packs are driven around to the end point, and the kayaks picked up, and we set off up the road to the next campsite about 2km up the road.

Amin and Ralph

The group consisted of Chris (Christchurch), Ralph (Austria), Lulu (Germany), Amin (NZ), Thomas (France), two girls from Germany (one was Yasmin and I can't remember the name of the other), and another guy and I have no idea where he was from. Everyone with the exception of Ralph I estimate to be under 30. Ralph is older than me.

The two German girls

At one point there were a jumping fish all over the place, one jumping into a kayak and hitting Chris in the face.

I am in a strange mood today, not really wanting to be with a group of people. Maybe I am mourning the loss of the rugby!!!.

The short walk to 'Shirley's Place' was up a unsealed road, through farmland and past a number of houses that showed a great deal of poverty. There were abandoned cars littering the roadside. The contrast between Paihia and Waikere is stark.

Waikare Mangroves

Shirley's Place and Campsite

Campsite night 18

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