• Kay

Day 179 A Pleasant Day

6 April 2021

Birchwood Station to Merrivale Hut

Start 7.15am

Finish 3.05pm

Distance 26km

Total 2874km

Steps 39063

Ascent 904km

Descent 906km

After sleeping in excess of 10 hours I awoke actually refreshed. I took my time getting ready, reveling in the novelty of a separated kitchen area so I wasn't waking those still asleep.

The Shearers Hut the four of us were staying in was definitely not flash, but there was a hot shower, mattresses and it was warm.


We are the same four made up of Tasha, Ken, Jordy and me that have been walking together since Princhester Rd. Brendan who also started this section at the same time is taking a little longer as he nurses shin splints.

When I say 'walking together', I mean each night we end up at the same location having arrived at all different times depending on our walking speed and what time we get up. It is a great group and actually lovely to share the day's experiences and talk about our memories of previous parts of the trail.

Today was uneventful and despite the 26km distance, relatively easy with the exception of the first very steep hill. It was roads, forestry tracks and farm tracks primarily, so not a great deal of concentration was needed.

The only real site of interest was coming across an old red telephone box along a dusty unsealed road. There was still a phone inside!

I arrived at the hut mid afternoon. A quaint, tiny thing in the middle of a farmer's paddock. It seriously looks like it used to be a hen house but I could be wrong. Bunk beds for five are squeezed in , and there is running water and a long drop - what more could I want!

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