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Day 174 and 175 Rest and exploring

1 & 2 April 2021

Te Anau

A couple of days in Te Anau, with yesterday doing the blog, resupply and logistics along with some pack repairs. My pack is definitely on its last legs. I had already taped additional padding on the shoulder straps and hip belt. A couple of days ago the graphite bar attaching the hip belt to the pack broke and the two became completely separate parts. A load of duct tape later and they are now rejoined. Fingers crossed it all lasts just just 10 more days!

I hired a car today and visited Milford Sound and Manapouri Lake. A real treat to not have to walk to where I wanted to go. More photos of reflections sorry. It was raining with low cloud this morning which made for great waterfalls everywhere but hopeless for photos.

The next 140km I am trying to do in one hit over 7 days. That means a lot a food to be carried. If all else fails there are a couple of roads the trail comes out at, that I could hitch to local towns.

Weather forecast is mixed, so hoping it will hold out for me.

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