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Day 173 Trying to be Grateful

31 March 2021

Side of Mavora River to Princhester Road turnoff

Start 8.40am

Finish 2.10pm

Distance 19km

Total 2777km

Steps 22,820

I woke in a less than ideal mood with a headache. Probably the result of dehydration because of my refusal to take the water out the Mavora River. Silly really as I have a filter and purification tablets. Outside a heavy mist was rolling up the valley. Excellent I sarcastically thought - just ideal conditions for trying to find a non existent track in. It had rained overnight so the tent was wet, and the forecast was for rain. In addition to the 6km of non track I had yet to complete, there was the prospect of 13km of unsealed, dusty road walking. Oh joy. The words "suck it up Princess", sprung to mind. I set off despondently. However Mother Nature had other ideas for me, and within a few minutes of starting to walk, the sun rose over the edge of the hill and created a rainbow in the fog for me. The mist then started to clear to reveal thousands of delicate spiders webs in every direction, softly back-lit by the rising sun. I particularly loved the ones using the barbed wire fence to secure from. Strangely there was not a single spider to be seen. Probably better that way.

Fog rainbow

After taking dozen of photos and not getting very far, very fast I continued on my way. Progress didn't get any better as I battled bogs, broom, fallen pines trees, tussock taller than me and basically no track. I was relieved to reach the road.

For anyone planning to do the TA I seriously suggest taking the road from Kiwi Burn swing bridge - and that is coming from someone who really dislikes the road walking.

I took a half hour break drying out in the sun, before plugging in an audio book and tackling the road walk. I arrived at the shuttle pick up point on the corner of Princhester Rd two hours early, supping on the last of my water and with three jaffas left. I call that perfect rationing. Brilliantly the shuttle was able to come early as there was a hot bath in Te Anau with my name on it. Planning on taking two days rest as I want to do the next 6-7 days in one go.

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