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Day 171 Pink Sky at Night

29 March 2021 Taipo Hut to alongside North Mavora Lake Start 8.30am Finish 5.05pm Distance 25km Total 2730km Steps 41392 Ascent 471m Descent 590m The skies have cleared to a lovely soft evening glow in contrast to a day of dark ominous clouds and walking quickly trying to keep in front of the rain. At just after 5pm I found an idyllic camping spot alongside the North Mavora Lake, and I had the tent up in record time as heavy rain drops became very persistent. In my tent, protected from the rain and marauding sandflies, and looking out at the stunning view, I am incredibly happy to be here. Even my distinctly aching feet are not capable of dulling my mood (well maybe a little).

The rain clearing over North Mavora Lake
The rain coming

In an effort to take a photo of my view from inside the tent I let a few of the biting little buggers in, and have just spent the last 10 minutes on a killing spree. I won't do that again. I wonder where the sandflies go once it gets dark and what do they eat when there isn't human blood to suck on? Last night was a good sleep for a night in a hut. Two more people turned up around 10pm, and by this time the rain had become torrential. I don't know how they managed the swamp in the dark and rain, however guess they had no choice but to get to the hut as there definitely wasn't anywhere to pitch a tent. They must also be in some kind of hurry because the had left this morning while it was still dark.

I took my time getting up realizing I had plenty of time to get to wherever my feet managed to get me. Even with my slightly late start Joey hadn't even budged when I left the hut. The first half of the day was more marsh land and I walked on through it. Seemed like a good plan, but a day of soaking muddy feet I think has contributed to the pain I now have in them. The second part of the day was less boggy and primarily 4WD tracks making the going faster.

The scenery continues to be outstanding with steep mountains on either side of the valley I was walking through which the opened out to the Mavora Lake. The sky is now a soft shade of pink, reflecting on the lake's surface and making everything glow. "Pink sky at night, Shepard's delight", so the saying goes, or is that a red sky. So on the strength of that I'm going to sleep with the tent doors open so I can watch the stars and the sun rise in the morning.

Campsite night 171

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