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Day 170 Reached 2700km!

28 March 2021 Greenstone Station to Taipo Hut Start 11am Finish 6.15pm Distance 21km Total 2705 km Steps 40,666 Ascent 897m Descent 487m Sunny, cloudy, then raining I arrived at Taipo Hut early evening, feeling pleased I had walked so far today. This was in part because where I thought I would camp on the track was all brown swampy marsh so I had no choice but to continue to the hut. Within 5 minutes of arriving here the heavens opened, and I am now listening to the sound of the steady rain on the tin roof. It is somehow a very soothing sound.

Into the marsh

I am sharing the hut with a German TAer, Joey. I've asked if he snores and he does, so it will be ear plugs tonight. Today also started with the sound of rain outside, as I packed to catch the shuttle. The forecast was for the possibility of a few showers later in the day and I was hoping the rain had come early and I would get nothing but sunshine. Some sun but mostly cloudy which at least makes for more dramatic photos.

Rain in the valley

The track was primarily through beautiful beech forest, before becoming wet underfoot. There were no steep climbs or sharp descents, although I still managed to climb over 800m. The rivers were a stunning clear turquoise, and surprisingly they were all bridged - a real treat. Once I reached the wetlands, because my feet were dry, I studiously jumped from tussock clumps and rocks to keep them that way. It slowed my progress but I was determined to ensure I didn't have to put on wet socks in the morning. Not everything went entirely to plan. With only 500m to go to the hut I miss stepped, plunging one foot into a muddy abyss to above my ankle. This set in motion a falter forward, and in order the save myself from complete bodily immersion into the swampy waters, my other foot ended buried in mud up to my shin. Once again I was thankful for my walking poles which saved me from a full face plant. That quickened the heart rate and I practiced a few swear words out loud. So much for all that time spent diligently keeping my feet clean!! Yet another lesson learnt, and with swamp actually shown on the map tomorrow I will simply plough on through and embrace wet feet.

At the start of the track there was a board of the local tracks. At last I have recognition as there is a Kay Creek and Hut :).

I reached the 2700km mark today. The last 100km seems to have gone rather quickly. I am sure as I get even closer to Bluff, the kms will fly by.

2700km completed!

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