• Kay

Day 168 A Big Day

26 March 2021

Arrowtown to Queenstown

Start 8.15am

Finish 2.30pm

Distance 29km

Total 2681

Steps 45,716

Ascent 342m

Descent 447m

Despite a good nights sleep, leaving Arrowtown proved a slight navigational challenge at the first intersection. I took an ever so slightly wrong turn, but luckily realised relatively quickly. After a quick slap to my forehead and a wipe of the sleep from my eyes, I set off in the right direction. I really don't know how I can navigate so well in the wilderness but can't read a street map - go figure!

The Remarkables from my lunch time spot

I knew it would be a big day of nearly 30km so set out to walk the first part as quickly as I could until my energy levels expired, and then dawdle the rest of the way. Amazingly the energy levels remained and my feet only gave me a little bit of trouble. I had made another rookie mistake - be careful not to leave sharp edges when you cut your toe nails. Not a blister, but a cut on my toe. Nothing fatal and I bravely battled through :).

A lazy photograph of Lake Wakatipu. I couldn't be bothered moving from where I sat down.

The walk was a great deal of hard formed paths and road, so not very kind on the feet, which did distract me from the scenery. So not my best day for appreciating my surrounds despite the beauty of the Remarkables, the Shotover River, and Lake Wakatipu.

I reached Queenstown early afternoon and was thrilled to find a bath in my accommodation. So there I sat, soaking my tired legs and feet for a considerable time, before venturing out for some real food.

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