• Kay

Day 167 Sweet Little Arrowtown

Macetown to Arrowtown

Start 8.45am

Finish About 1pm

Distance 11km

Total 2652km

Steps 22149

Ascent 407m

Descent 679m


A gorgeous day, following a bad night's sleep. I am often asked if I feel safe tramping on my own, and the answer is yes. The environment has never concerned me (except the odd river crossing). People I come across in the back of beyond back country have never given me cause for concern. I theorize no-one is going to go to that level of effort to do me harm.

The view back towards Macetown in the centre valley

Last night, for the first time, I felt unsafe camping where I did. I think I had spooked myself because Macetown is accessible by 4 wheel drive and there were warning signs up about the vandalism done by off roaders to the historic site. The signs described how one of the derelict historic huts had been burnt down by a tramper missing all his brain cells when he lit a fire in the old fireplace. I got it into my head any idiot could drive to my location, and I had no way out. So it was a very fitful sleep, waking at every sound (and there were many), and one point having a nightmare that I heard the fizz of a beer bottle being opened and a hand coming into my tent. I woke with a start and a racing heart. It was actually a hissing possum - funny how real sounds intrude into nightmares.

It was one of those nights where you can't wait for it to be morning and when it is morning you are too tired to get up!! So, a slightly late start, but at least the boogieman didn't get me.

Derelict miner's hut

As yesterday finished with a river walk, it meant today started with cold, wet leggings and socks. I knew I was crossing the river a few times first thing so just had to suck it up.

After half an hour it was one final climb before descending into Arrowtown. The saddle was aptly named Big Hill. Guess someone was out of ideas the day they named that one.

My body was complaining today...a little on the weary side. Took a break half way up the hill and sat in the warm mid morning sun, soaking in the view. It was indeed magic.

Coming into Arrowtown were the truly spectacular golden autumn colors on the trees with a deep blue sky as the back drop.

After stopping dozens of times for photos, I eventually arrived on the edge of Arrowtown. The thought of what actual delight I would have for lunch had just entered my head when a café appeared like a mirage in front of me, so there I stopped.


Over lunch the debate with myself was whether to carry on a few more kms, or stop the night here and do the 28km to Queenstown all tomorrow. The idea of putting my feet up and resting outweighed everything else and when I found an incredible price for a cottage overnight the deal was done. And Arrowtown really is just too cute to rush through.

So here I am, doing the hard yards lazing on a day bed on a sun drenched verandah, eating crème brûlée fudge from the local Sweet Shop, contemplating what I will have for dinner. It's a hard life...

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