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Day 166 Just a Couple of Mountain Passes

Wednesday 24 March

From Ridge line to Macetown

Start 8.30am

Finish 5.45pm

Distance 18km

Total 2641

Steps 34939

Climbed 1125m

Descent 1696

Ahhhh...the sweet memory of the joy of cold, damp tussock gently leaving their droplets on your legs first thing in the morning. I was pretty wet within 10 minutes, and I had started with gloves and a beanie to give you some idea of the temperature. The sun struggled to come out this morning but the scenery was still amazing.

Skink trying to hide from me
The view from Roses Saddle

Extra pleased that I went the added distance yesterday and knocked off the additional climb. Today was a bit brutal and I was tired.

The climbing up and down ridges and into valleys and back up again felt relentless at times. The going downhill being as tough as going up. But as much as I may have been cursing just a little on some of it I do love the tops of mountains the best, and they are worth the effort.

Once over Rose's Saddle in the afternoon the clouds cleared and it was a lovely warm autumnal day. The sun shinning helped for the last 6km which followed the Arrow River which was the track. Only up to my knees in the deepest parts so pleasant enough and the rock formations made it fascinating. We are in gold country so I was on the look out for that big nugget. That said, if I was to keep true to my ultra light pack philosophy I guess I would have had to throw it back, or throw out something less useful like the food.

Rock formations

A giant plus of following the river is finally getting a photo of a skink. In the tussock they are able to skedaddle into the tussock never to be seen again, long before I even manage to get my camera out. On the river bed I could watch to see which rock the skink tried to hide under. Their camouflage skills are pretty impressive.

I'm camped in the historical goldmining settlement of Macetown for the night. Population is currently one - me.

Incredibly pleased that at this stage my feet don't hurt (maybe just a little). No blisters and my toe is playing the game. Time for bed at the late hour of 8.30pm.

Campsite night 166

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