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Day 156 Wilding Pines and Rabbits

Sunday 15 March Edge of Lake Pukaki to Twizel Distance 24km Total 2,443km Steps Elevation: Weather: sunny The day dawned very foggy. It was a surreal view from my tent which I had left open all night so when I woke up the view would be the first thing I saw. Lake and fog as far as the eye could see. I was in no hurry so stayed snug in my warm sleeping bag enthralled with the view. In my stillness a blackbird sauntered up to me. I could have reached out to touch it. It was completely nonplussed and hung around for a few minutes.

The stars from last night. The glow on the horizon is Twizel.

I started walking quite late knowing I only had 24km of easy walking in terms of terrain and elevation. The first half of the day was alongside Lake Pukaki which has Aoraki / Mt Cook at the end of it. So ordinarily the view would be incredible. Today the fog and low cloud stayed so there was no view. I had lunch at the cafe just passed the dam. It is a salmon cafe from the salmon farm I walked by yesterday. All they sell is salmon so it is a stretch to call it a cafe. Luckily I love salmon and indulged myself. After lunch it was following the Alps2Ocean cycleway to Twizel. More tussock county, although spoilt to a large extent by wilding pines. There is evidence of attempts at managing them, however the pines seem to be winning. So sad. The rabbits also seem to be winning. Alongside the lake I rounded one bend and counted 12 on a small grass area. I have now resupplied for what I thought was the next 5 days. Just relooked at the trail notes and realised it may take 6 days. I need to check I will have enough food. I'm feeling pretty shattered despite the average distance day. One more day of mostly road walking then back to proper track. I can't wait.

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