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Day 155 Idyllic view from my tent

Lake Takapō to edge of Lake Pukaki Saturday 14 March Start 10.15am Finish 7.10pm Distance 31km Total 2,620km Steps 50,701 Elevation 0m Weather: very warm, sunny with no clouds. My little campsite tonight is perfect. No signage saying no camping, I'm on the lake edge, protected from the wind and dew by trees and the view is spectacular. A big km day, which was all road walking. It was pretty much all alongside a hydro canal. Handy for soaking my feet in a couple of times. The scenery included views of Aoraki/Mt Cook and the ranges. So I can't really complain.

The long, long canal road.

Near the end of the canal is a salmon farm that loads of people fish next to. It was fortuitous as I was completely out of water and the canal was not looking like a healthy water option. Two separate campervan groups invited me to sit with them a while and chat, and they kindly refilled my water. I was very grateful. It has otherwise been an uneventful day, other than passing the 2,600km mark. I had better slow down and find some more side trips.

I did succumb to listening to an audio book today. It's called The Lost Man by Jane Harper, and is an excellent listen. A shorter 24km walk to Twizel tomorrow. My feet will appreciate it.

The view from my tent

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