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Day 154 My body refused to walk

Friday 13 March

Lake Takapō

I haven't left Lake Takapō yet. The plan was to do some of the road walking of the next section today and then hitch back here. There is no accommodation or camping for the next 48km, and that is way too much distance for me in a day. But my body and mind refused to carry out the plan.

In part I think the glacier climbing yesterday took it out of me, in part I have just developed shingles again, but mostly it is because the hitch hiking is my nemesis and I am avoiding it. I think tomorrow I will just start the next section and see what happens. Ordinarily I don't like to, and don't, camp where it is not permitted. However if I end up overnight somewhere unofficial hidden behind a tree, I hope I am forgiven as I never leave any sign I was ever there.

No new photos today so here are some extras from the last few days.

Aoraki / Mt Cook
Dave fixing the line screw to the ice for my climbing line
Me on Tasman Glacier

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