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Day 150 How did I manage to get here?

Monday 9 March Lake Takapō I somehow have managed to reasonably successfully navigate myself 2,390km from Cape Reianga to Takapō and yet I couldn't follow the map to get myself out of the motel complex. How is that possible?

I was trying to take the shortcut into the village. I ended up doing what I have done every morning for about the last 9 days. I walked through wet tussock, and got completely soaked to get to where I needed to be. It was only a god damn garden for crying out loud.

I wandered around the village - it took all of 15 minutes, and booked myself a tour of the Dark Sky Project tonight at 12.45am. I'm normally tucked up in my sleeping bag by 8pm so I will need to set the alarm in case I fall asleep. The Dark Sky Project is  the largest gold standard International Dark Sky Reserve in the world. This means it has some of the purest night skies in the world. So I get to look at stars through telescopes for a couple of hours.

The rest of my day has been very laid back. My computer hasn't arrived yet so I am mostly planning the next section of the walk and the activities I would like to do over the next few days.

Next Day

The Dark Sky Project was incredibly interesting. It was a full moon so the sky was very bright - not necessarily ideal for gazing at stars, but it did mean we had an excellent view of the moon through a large telescope. The sky was clear, with only minimal cloud on the horizon. We were also shown a cluster of tiny pin prick stars (Small Magellanic Cloud), that contains about 30 billion stars and was another galaxy but it formed too close to the Milky Way and so was sucked into it. How incredible is that! On the largest telescope we had an up close (all relative) look at a red star. If they are red, they are dying. All in all a worth while evening even if it meant I didn't get to bed until 3.30am.

Part of the observatory

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