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Day 147 Hard Yaka

Friday 6 March

Rangitata River drop off point to Stone Hut Start 10.30am Finish 6.45pm Distance 17km Total 2334km Steps 25,184 Elevation: 1400m and I felt every step Weather: sunny I admit I found today physically hard. I think I may be tired from the previous 6 full on days, but also the terrain today was tough. It started with a river walk. All boulders and rocks with several river crossings and no trail. There was then the small matter of the 900m climb to a saddle with no name, and then more climbing and descending than you could shake a stick at. I was done in by the time we reached Stone hut.

I had thought of camping on another saddle we crossed as it had stunning views in both directions, but there is bad weather coming in, and I desperately want to be on Stag Saddle, the highest part of the TA, in weather where I can see the view over Lake Tekapo and to Aoraki / Mt Cook from the ridge leading from the saddle.

Ben McLeod Range

So here I am, sharing a hut with 5 others, and planning to get up early tomorrow to try to beat the weather. So much for taking this section easy. I have finally met Erin from Nelson, also doing the TA. People on the trail kept asking me if I know him or have I met him. Which, until today I hadn't.

I am looking forward to tomorrow and hoping the weather will hold off so I can see the views.

River crossing

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