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Day 143 "I know you!"

Monday 2 March Harper Village to Lake Coleridge Village, then shuttle to Methven Start 7am Finish 2.30pm Distance 28km Total 2245.5km Steps 45,890 Elevation 200m of minor ups and downs Weather: overcast until midday then patches of sun

Harper Road

For a day I wasn't really looking forward to, it turned out to be pretty damn good. I left by 7am as I had to be at Lake Coleridge for the shuttle at 3.15 pm, and I had 28km to go. I passed the 2,222km mark at the edge of Lake Selfe, so of course I took a selfie.

A selfie at Lake Selfe at the 2,222km mark. It was 26km of road walking and I was offered a couple of lifts, someone else checked to make sure I had enough food and water, and just before the road part ended another car pulled over and opened the car door. I was about to decline the lift and the person said, "I know you!". It was Ralph. Last seen in the very early days of the trail when we crossed a fast flowing estuary together in Northland. He has completed the TA, and has hired a car to do the side trips he wanted to do. I couldn't believe the coincidence. He gave me water and food and I went on my way. It was so great to catch up.

The views continued to be a great distraction from the road, a lot of tarns and lakes, some of them completely dry, and then the incredible turquoise colour of Lake Coleridge. I didn't even listen to an audio book. I arrived for the shuttle with 45 minutes to spare. The shuttle operator and driver, Wayne, was excellent and clearly very knowledgeable about the trails in the area.

Lake Coleridge

We arrived in Methven, which is a cute little town, and I have had my usual steak, chips and coleslaw, and drank a couple of litres of fresh milk. Hand washing of laundry done, tent dried, batteries charged and ready to sleep. Last night was cold again, so I am definitely getting my heavier sleeping bag sent. All my gear is starting to wear. The shoulder straps on my pack are very compacted, the adjustment tags are jammed in one place, my sleeping mat has a slow leak, and most of my dry bags have many holes. Hardly surprising after nearly 5 months of constant use. Just has to last a little longer.

Lake Coleridge power station with Rakaia River (the river you can't cross on foot)

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