• Kay

Day 14 Windy Forests

Start 10am

Finish 3.10pm

Today's distance 20km

Total 246 km

Steps 33,811

Stair flights 216

The forecast was for very strong winds. Today was primarily within a pine forest so I expected to be protected by the trees, save for the possibility of one falling on me.

It was a relatively easy, short day, with a few small hills and I wasn't affected by the winds until approaching Waitangi and Paihia for the final 4 kms.

The view walking down to Waitangi

This is a video which captures some of the strength of the wind. (Still trying to work out how to post the video - a work in progress)

I hadn't seen anyone else on the trail until I stopped for lunch and then appeared Katherine and her partner (from Nelson, who I meet on day 1).

Farmland as I'm leaving Kerikeri

The walk down to Waitangi was stunning. The views are beautiful and mostly the strong wind stayed on my back. I walk right into a pizza place and demolished a a whole pizza all to myself, and followed it up with icecream.

Now in my unit contemplating how many rest days to have. My feet are sore and tired, and one toe keeps giving me grief. I think I will take two days.

More views heading to Waitangi

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